Groupware & Messaging

GMS-IT focused on Groupware & Messaging Systems from IBM and MICROSOFT.

IBM Notes and IBM Domino are the client and server, respectively, of a collaborative client-server software platform marketed by IBM.

IBM Notes provides business collaboration functionality including email, Calendaring and Scheduling, To-Do lists, Contact management, Teamrooms, Discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, Instant Messaging, blogs and user directories. IBM Notes also provides access to and integration with other IBM Domino applications and databases.

Lotus Development Corporation originally developed « Lotus Notes » in 1989. IBM acquired the Lotus Corporation in 1995 and it became known as the Lotus Development division of IBM. As of 2015 it forms part of the IBM Software and Systems Group under the name « IBM Collaboration Solutions ».

IBM describes the Notes software as « an easy-to-use, single point of access to everything you need to get your work done quickly, including business applications, email, calendars, feeds, and more ».

IBM Notes is an e-mail application client – one of many applications that can be developed and deployed on the IBM Domino messaging and application server. IBM Notes and Domino supports IBM and third-party (Independent Software Developer) software, including independent applications, add-ins, add-ons, widgets, and plug-ins.

IBM Notes is how a modern business connects. The IBM Notes email software client simplifies today’s complex world by integrating messaging, business applications and social collaboration into one easy-to-use workspace. IBM Notes goes wherever you go, helping you work smarter and faster to provide better business results.

Microsoft Exchange & Outlook are the server and client, respectively, of a messaging client-server software platform marketed by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Exchange server is one of the most popular collaborative and messaging servers in the world. It is used by businesses and organizations utilizing Microsoft infrastructure solutions. The Exchange server is basically the power behind all the amazing features of Microsoft Outlook.

The best advantage of using the Microsoft Exchange server is the high level of security features of the software package. The server neutralizes security threats and thus the users are protected against viruses, spam and hackers. Emails are also protected against outside sources. The security feature allows users to use the system to its maximum potential.

Employees of companies that use the Microsoft Exchange server can access their email from any location in the world. They can communicate irrespective of whether they are in an office or on the go. Microsoft exchange server is compatible with additional features such as voice mail storage, calendar, and contact organizing application and scheduling. Microsoft Exchange uses the Microsoft Office Outlook as its email platform.