Software & Licencing

Software licensing is an alternative to box-wrapped software. Volume license programs generally offer cost savings based on quantity, while making it easier to install multiple copies over networks by using automated deployment tools .

Volume licensing gives organisations the opportunity to streamline their software purchasing, negotiate discounts, achieve management economies and easily maintain a software asset management program to ensure software compliance. Volume licensing agreements are available from most major vendors in the commercial, government and education sectors.

Whether you purchased your software from GMS-IT or elsewhere, your software renewals subscription can be maintained with us, and we will provide you with timely annual reminders and competitive quotes.Our staff keeps renewal date under review and our account management process ensures that your agreement entitlements are utilised and your access to vendor support is assured. Some of the benefits of software license renewals include :

. Excellent financial conditions
. Renewal date consolidation and less admin cost
. Renewal date notifications

Renewing software subscriptions is usually an annual task. Let GMS-IT perform this task for you, with the right service and a comprehensive support.