Training makes business sense. Millions are spent on new software or hardware, complete with big promises made by the vendor, and it sits underutilized and not fulfilling its promises because no-one really knows how to work with it properly.

Many companies have come to the conclusion that training programs can improve not only employee skills but also their loyalty to the company. This particularly applies to IT training programs because skills can become outdated so quickly. Although there is a risk of losing employees that have just been trained, the benefit of training these employees far outweighs the risk.

IT training responds to learners’ needs, taking into account the desired knowledge and ability and integrating a style of education which includes class interaction, individual assessment and face-to-face sessions. The GMS-IT training offering contains courses in Information Security, MICROSOFT and IBM technical courses or other computing courses such as: Desktop MS Office suite and Dynamic Web Applications Development.

Investing in your skills set and furthering your qualifications is the best thing you can do to ensure a strong and stable future.

GMS-IT provides training in French and English.